A steady effort in the direction of being Yukta

Atha Yoga-Anushahshasam “, says the first yoga sutra, which means now this is yoga as I have perceived it in the natural world.

Discipline helps us to overcome the inertia that our daily life burdens us with and our classes help in breaking the patterns of that inertia. Although Asana is a small part of the yogic journey, it cannot be undermined because a healthy physical body becomes the vehicle for energy to move in the right direction and not get consumed by the resistance of an unhealthy body. Our classes help the students to fine-tune the physical body like a musical instrument, without which the melody of life cannot be played out.

In the context of corporates, the major aim is to reduce stress which has become such a malaise of the modern world, and it never allows us to look inwards.


One on One

Reach out to us for customized classes meeting your special physical & psychological needs with various styles of Yoga, different breathing techniques, Meditation, Chants & different restorative sequences.

How do we design a class just for you?

We understand every human body is different and at a different level of activity, flexibility, fitness and emotional balance. Before designing, we understand each student for a detailed evaluation and tailor the practice just suited for their immediate need & long term goals. Each class will be of 60 minutes where the design will be as per the activity and the energy level of the body for that day keeping the long-term goal in mind. These classes are conducted in person or over Skype.

A progress chart is created to measure the journey of the student over various goals set at the beginning.

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We all are in a stressful environment of work pressure, deadlines and long working hours which leads to many work-related diseases. Though we can’t change our environment surely we can be intelligent on how to cope with the situation by doing things differently.

Yukta Yoga organizes regular in-house Corporate classes depending on the need of employees, organizations, and teams which is customized to the immediate need & long term goal of the group. The classes are conducted on various Yoga Styles, breathing techniques, meditation techniques & small quick desk yoga postures for immediate relief.

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Our workshops are for intermediate students of yoga or for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of certain aspects of Yoga or Philosophy. We design these workshops on various disciplines like Yoga Anatomy, Pranayama, Asana Alignment, Breathing Techniques, etc.

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