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200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

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Satavisha is a bright, soothing, and beautiful soul who's glowing light dispels any dark and negative emotions that might be residing within you. Every time I took a class with Satavisha I felt inspired and motivated to be a better me, and she helped me uncover my yogic potential with her energetic positivity that anyone can strongly feel a near distance of her. Satavisha truly has helped me transform my life for the better, and I encourage all to allow themselves to experience her power, which she shares in her classes. Satavisha is a true yogi who diligently is dedicated to the ancient art of yoga asanas as well as yogic philosophy; she applies all that she has ever learned into everyday practice on and off the mat. Satavisha may be a gentle and understanding teacher, but make no mistake, she will challenge every bit of you as well. Namaste!

Yoga has played a transformative role in my life. I began yoga when I was still in high school and greatly appreciated the physical benefits in their singularity. Coming to Hyderabad, and being granted the opportunity to study Yoga under Satavisha Ghosh has changed my entire perspective on what yoga means. No longer am I interested in being the “best” or the “most flexible”. Satavisha has shown all of us the true meaning behind yoga, and the purpose it can serve in our lives. We have been pushed to be our best and to treat our bodies in the healthy and holistic way they deserve. Yoga here has taught me that there is more than just the physical and that to live a Yoga lifestyle you must work to strengthen and stretch your body, mind, and spirit.

I've only ever done small tidbits of yoga for warm-ups with my rugby team. But after taking classes with Satavisha I definitely plan on incorporating it more into my (and my teams) workout routine. I've never diligently attended a yoga class before, but after starting I've noticed improvements all around. My core strength and balance are a lot better then what they were a few months ago. Satavisha pushes us to go as far as we can with various poses, but never go beyond our own limits. She is really aware of each of her student's abilities and goes through each session accordingly. She is an amazing instructor and has helped me become a stronger person, of mind and body. I would definitely recommend Yukta Yoga to anyone and everyone!

Hands down.. It is the best yoga class. Satavisha's classes are amazing. I am a high-intensity cardio person who can often get bored with an Om- heavy class where I don't feel my body is being challenged. Satavisha takes such a beautiful approach to practice with an emphasis on body awareness and understanding of why you're doing what you're doing.

Satavisha’s classes changed my perspective on Yoga. Her kind and flexible approach to teaching and her deep understanding of Yoga as a philosophy allowed me to see the meaning behind the physical exercise I’ve been doing rather mechanically before taking classes with Satavisha. Highly recommend her both as a guide into Yoga and an amazing friend and supporter.

Thank you for the knowledge and energy you share, it brings out the zeal to push harder and achieve the spiritual, emotional and physical goal. Your sequencing of poses is a smooth journey for transcending to mindfulness. I thank you for opening the doors of knowledge to me and bring out my best. Phani & Swapna


"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"

-- Mahatma Gandhi

We at Yukta Yoga organize community service events to give back to society to spread love and happiness which we all deserve at the same time by building a bond of friendship forever.

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