Yukta Yoga

Yukta (युक्त) in Sanskrit means unified or connected. A soul who has become one with the Supreme.

The human mind is very powerful but it is always surrounded by perceptions, and our actions are guided by them. If we have avidyā, an incorrect comprehension (like ego, expectation, rejection or fear) in us, then our perception and action get polluted by it and often we get misguided and stuck in a maze of dissatisfaction creating illusionary barriers.

Yukta Yoga, as the name suggests, is a one-stop for that nomadic soul, which has been struggling to come out of the avidyā through the liberation of the mind only to attain the tranquillity of being unified with the Ananta. Yukta Yoga provides deep insight into the Ashtanga of Yoga (Yama, Niyama, Asanas, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, and Dhyana & Samadhi) defying the common parlance of Yoga being a mere discipline of doing bodily postures.

About the Teacher

Satavisha yukta yoga

Satavisha, was introduced to Yoga in her childhood and had practiced at its physical level, only to discover the true power of Yoga about a decade back when she was diagnosed with a chronic disease owing to the lifestyle of a busy marketing professional. She realized the practice of Yoga at a holistic level with body and breath awareness which helped her to heal and gradually became a part of her life. Her journey has been an evolution from finding strict styles, following them, and slowly realizing that Yoga Asana is only a means to transcend this body towards understanding the mind. While strict postures or advanced asanas can bring joy, accolades but also mind gets filled with ego and the body gets prone to injuries. She likes to promote the style of injury-free practice through body alignment, modern anatomy, natural somatic movement, and breathing so that a practitioner can find her/his own balance and alignment which can heal the body and mind. She tries to promote yoga in a holistic sense so that it can become a way of life where the endeavor will be to give back to the world, society around us through compassion and forgiveness.
She is a certified Yoga Alliance Teacher ERYT 500 and continuous education provider under Yoga Alliance (YACEP).