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Stress Has Become Our Daily Cohort!

It’s been almost a month, and she has got not more than 10 new followers in her Instagram account… The recent post of her fellow colleague has accrued 500 likes, whereas just around 200 likes have hit the post with her favorite red two-parts… And, that’s not the end!! No matter how rigorously she has been working out for the last 5 months, she has only managed to shed 2-3 kgs, which is hardly noticeable. Aren’t these enough reasons to get stressed over?

It may seem to be a bit humorous, but just take a minute to delve into yourself; perhaps, you would also realize that you are not an exception either! Because, just like her, we all are looking for happiness in some way or the other. We all want to be happy which is totally not wrong. Happiness, in many sources, is often defined as our real nature. But, instead of trying to be happy, we have rather caught ourselves in hunting for numerous ways that can bring permanent happiness.

However, according to Vedanta, nothing can give you permanent happiness if the very source of it is going through constant changes. Ever since we are born our body, thoughts, emotions, perceptions are constantly going through some kind of changes of adjustments for sure. Most of the time, we are not aware of this fact. And, as a result, we are unable to see and accept things, people, and events in our lives as they are. This, in turn, starts sowing the seeds of anxiety, stress, and frustration within us.

So, you actually don’t need to study to understand stress is on the rise. Maybe, you are also the one to experience it from time to time. It may be a short-term or a long-term occurrence, or it can also happen repeatedly over time. When there are people who recover from stress more quickly than others, there are also people who tend to cling onto the same on an incessant note. Also, sometimes, we are unable to spot it though it is always there within us.

What is the solution, then? Watching over your own actions. Question yourself if the outcome will bring you everlasting joy. An outcome which won’t let you to regret in future for taking that particular action.
Whatever the outcome try to stay detached from that and move on.

This way, you will be able to learn to control your senses by which our thoughts, perceptions, and actions are constantly being influenced.

Allow yourself to come out of the non-acceptance mode.

‘Human pain is always some form of non-acceptance, some form of unconscious resistance to what is.’
— Eckhardt Tolle

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